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VERB WOMAN/Verb Frau: TV Channel

April 14, 2013

One Mending-Aktion at a Time

May 3, 2012

This HEMMING of these blue pants is for VELVET

my friend’s mom who has Alzheimer’s … and here are 2 new buttons on my black apron to remember the mendings for VELVET


May 13, 2011

VERB WOMAN signs on as ananuensis to international performance artist Sinead O’Donnell for Sinead’s London meetings and performance for Labyrinth of Living Exhibits (a live event presenting 4 artists who self identify as disabled at the Museum of Physicians and Surgeons). (photo: Sinead works on Kurdish-English translation subitles with Roskar)

Wed May 11th

process and exploring — like opening veins but they bleed into one another — Meeting with Manich at Toynbee Arts in the art cafe. The English subtitles for Posha’s movie about young women in prison for refusing arranged marriages; in Kurdish; Sinead doing translation with Roskar (Arab-London artist). Collaborating with Shiro on domestic/borders/gender.

Potatoes and pennies — currency (money) currency (electricity). Famous Irish Giant’s Skeleton is trapped in the Museum of Physicians and Surgeons despite his request that his body not go to science. How did he end up in this Victorian Collection?

3 Days of Toynbee studio time would be useful later on rather than now — better after more research and more collaborative works have gone to another level and after travels.

Irish Art Magazine would like a 3000 word essay about the bursury and Sinead’s projects. Can this opportunity be used for report as well? Membership issues — 100 pounds a year to be active member in various organizations.

We take transission of energy for granted — plug it in plug it in; potatoe batteries with old english, south african andirish pennies — a child’s experiment — reconnects us; along with sign language and madness and experiencing language in whole new ways — with Aaron’s humour for example; or the song WHOSE AFRAID OF THE BIG BAD WOLF as a music box chime amplified in a glass jar.

Being dyslexic means a floor plan isn’t useful. Sinead can measure a room with her feet and have the information in her body and remember instead. A map is no good; practising a path and creating sign posts and land marks is better; getting on the No.135 Bus wrong way instead of No.35 Bus right way. Transposing. Dissassociating. Inverse the reverse.

Watched a lot of Posha’s movie. Awesome. How to facilitate distribution and visa.

Over to Raskar’s in Bethnel Green

Trying to finish English subtitles — strategy of how to get a computer and video camera to Posha so she doesn’t have to rely on paying a film cres — she can do it all herself. Sinead doesn’t want to arrive with so much money through all the borders even though buying in Beirut would be easier rather buy and carry equipment as her own. Exploring change of keyboard for Kurdish language — software options and stickers for keys options. 

Jasmine Tea and good music.

Thursday May 12

Performances and Discussion at Museum of Physicians and Surgeons — to think of disability NOT as lacking something.

Exploring the notion of de-pathologizing and de-medicalizing it; this idea in this labyrinth of Victoriannac specimens. Aaron talks of getting rid of his hearing aids and embracing deafness of having no interest in operations/cures. Sinead interestedi in how we use our bodies and waht a body is — money/poverty/wealth/class — paintings with menstrual blood (I have a painting in my panites!) — every day she goesdeeper into body and ito the past — deeper into process as an experiment. A true experiment where the risk is failure. The experience and acknowledgement of failure.

Making the invisible — visible.

Who is afraid of the big bad wolf?

VERB WOMAN in Hamilton

October 16, 2010

Verb Woman is coming to a public locale near you.

VERB WOMAN: mending aktion @ Jane’s Boing-Boing Class

July 3, 2010

… to dance while sitting in a chair quietly mending

… listening, breathing,      embody-ing

… sensing, feeling, thinking, releasing

… healing, lubricating, ease-ing, allowing

… emptying, filling, sighing, laughing

… dancing, rebounding, extending, hollowing

… centre-ing, grounding, boing-ing boing-ing boing-ing

Thanks to JANE ELLISON, THE BOINGERS, & WESTERN FRONT ! xoxoxo Love, Verb Woman xoxox

7 Easy Pieces by VERB WOMAN

June 26, 2010

VERB WOMAN has created a series of short videos like 7 Days of the Week Underwear from her childhood AND as response to Marina Abramovic’s SEVEN EASY PIECES initiative into the nature of history and memory of performance art.

VERB WOMAN: a kaleidescopic history

May 22, 2010

PRESENT/RESPONSE performance art series curated by Paul Couillard for Lambton Art Gallery SARNIA, Ont,  May 2010

3 hours gave time to experience durational-performance-high and to play. Rocking between PERFORMANCE/THEATRE;    DANCE-THEATRE & sculpture/installation;  entering shadow/simulacra; the gap:  THE BARDO.

I am always fighting (but enamoured) with narrative. Yet a deconstructed “plot” emerged over 3 hours in the 5 rooms of the gallery with Becky Burroughs and Ed Johnson. We even found characters or channels, as I prefer to call them.

I used  my mother’s ALZEHEIMER VERBS in a play-spot full of  2nd-childhood wonder, fun, fear. Becky channeled the care-giving angel one is lucky to meet in institutions and working with disabled/challenged; angels able to enter others’ worlds of fantasy, autism and total otherness..  Ed channeled the visiting caregiver (the fly-thru, damage-control, responsible, loving but exasperated relative/friend/partner) learning to juggle his own real world with the surreal world of  the in-mate ….

Lambton Gallery’s 5 rooms  suggested museum/archive,  hospital/nursing home/insane asylum, school/prison, treasure hunt/game board, brain mapping, and epic fairy tales/comics – Hansel & Gretel, or Xena the Warrior Princess.

THE HALLWAY was a portal — like Alice in Wonderland’s down-the-rabbit-hole and Ancient Egypt’s Hall of Ma’at entrance to the weighing of the heart —  but with a wheelchair! A place for wheelchair races and getting on our hands and knees to play CARD CONVERSATION — a disjointed loop of conversational complaints, comforts, assurances, fears … “I am so cold. It’s not far. This cup is so heavy. Let me put your sweater on. Someone stole my purse.”

MUSEUM of OBJECTS (my performance history thru frequent flyer use of flour, salt, ironing, bowls of water, wine, roses, etc…)

MEMORY:  Becky dips her hands in basin of water and looks at them in wonder — mirroring my saying in performance and real life —  “I have my grandmother’s hands!”.

MEMORY: Ed and I doing verb RECOGNIZING in our 3-way circle of art-aktions from 30+ years of performances. My performative-response to some of the questions Marina Abramovic is/has been asking since Seven Easy Pieces and her time at MOMA; as well as since Tagny and I performed the “essence” of our shared and forgetting performance history in our video-simulcast “GESTURAL ALGORHYTHM — Performology: A Re-Mix”.

MUSEUM of GESTURES was a place of tea/comfort we are always trying to provide for someone we care for.

I taped up a vertical BED in blue/yellow tape .  I’m always trying to get people to get into bed with me in my performances and video. Voila. My tribe.  In bed. With me.  Bed as a place of succor/rest. After a few minutes of breathing/cuddling/fake-sleeping, I would FALL out bed saying, “Becky, I fell.”  Becky would help me up off of that HARD concrete floor (very hard on my hips!!!) and  into the wheelchair and announce it was time for a movie.

MUSEUM OF VIDEO was darkened “cinema” from previous night’s artists’ talks where I showed M. DRAGU’s MUSEUM (11 min. of my history).  It silently looped (reflecting our looped-conversations) constantly throughout the 3 hours.

Becky and I would look at the “movie” and try to JUMP into the image to participate in aktions: walking, drumming, catching the dead gum wad scraped off the legislative buildings, kissing big close-ups of pursed lips, etc…  while laughing/playing like children. 

Each clip was a minute or less; each time a clip faded to black, I would ask Becky if it was over and time to go. She would assure me, no, there is more. And that we should stay. Because this movie is “all about you”.

Really? I would ask again and again after each blackout. I love movies about me! But like Gloria (ready for de Mille’s close up), the movie has to be played again and again and again because yesterday she remembered but today she forgot. Again and again and again ….


VERB WOMAN: a dance of forgetting

November 14, 2009

(Performance Final Summation at VIVO for LIVE Biennale Friday Oct 23, 2009 ; 6 -7 pm with special guest Paul Couillard)

a dance of forgetting

Verbs from everyday gestures, Alzheimer patients & performance art

were combined with video and choreography-by-chance dance

mepaul8 mepaul3
employing aktion-cards

to explore our shared disintegration of memory, technology, history




… like sand slipping through an open handmepaul5


curated by Velveeta Krisp
homage to Margaret Dragu’s mother, Ellen Dragu (1923-2009) who died of Alzheimer’s-related causes

(photos by Emilio Rojas)

A Dance of Forgetting

October 15, 2009

VIVO and LIVE Biennale present wrap

VERB WOMAN: a dance of forgetting

(3 Nights of Process-based Work)

Verbs from everyday gestures, Alzheimer patients, and performance art
are combined with video and dance
to explore our shared disintegration of memory, technology, history
… like sand slipping through an open hand…

Wed Oct 21, Thurs Oct 22, Fri Oct 23
4 – 7 PM
with a Final Summation Fri Oct 23
6 -7 pm with special guest Paul Couillard


1965 Main Street,
Vancouver, BC V5T 3C1

curated by Velveeta Krisp
homage to Margaret Dragu’s mother, Ellen Dragu (1923-2009)

Mending Aktion #2 — Gachet Gallery

September 18, 2009

10:30 am VERB WOMAN Bicycles, Busses and Skytrains to GACHET GALLERY in Vancouver’s DTES

biking off

noon  VERB WOMAN Greeted by High Tea Spread


noon – 5:00 pm MENDING (Hems, Sleeves, Replacing Lost Buttons)

LLara bSharonbutton1M2



GIVING Health & Fitness Advice — TALKING — LISTENING



MENDING and other verbs are being collected, remembered, performed, videotaped, projected on walls
then re-performed, re-videotaped, re-projected on walls
and then re-re-performed, re-re-re-videotaped, re-re-projected … etc….
similar to creation of geographical strata (i.e. coal)
by pressures of time, weight, history.

VERB WOMAN is creating an essay about creation/disintegration.

We are always Forgetting. Disintegrating.
Our shared and contested histories
personal,  community, official (?) history of country or art practices.
As I  develop VERB WOMAN
I realize this work is drawn from and dedicated to my mother
who recently died from Alzheimer’s.
(above photo: Dancing with Mom, by G.Klein)