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November 4, 2012

Verb Woman/VERB-FRAU packed up her suitcase of gerunds and flew to Toronto for two – two – two festivals!!!

7a*11d  Oct 24 – 28 — Verb Woman  taught daily  yoga practice at 10:00 am; then performed daily art-aktions with festival members & public at 11:00 am — VERB WOMAN: remembering to forget.

Verb Woman’s FRIDAY VERB was CHANGING (the world)

Verb Woman’s SUNDAY VERBS were mapping — sharing — giving

SUNDAY 7a11d

Oct 30 – Nov 2 VERB WOMAN participated in FOOD = NEED Festival. She visited UTSC Theatre Dept; baked bread, collected bread stories, lead a workshop in Working the Cloth with Spanish Seniors, attended performances and particpated in Circle Talks at Davenport Perth Community and Health Centre with WIA Projects, artists and community members;


Verb-Frau Joins CHAOS for LIVE! Biennale in DTES (Vancouver)

October 5, 2011

VERB WOMAN‘s successful Big European Tour spurred LADY JUSTICE to solve her pre-production challenges for shooting of the film LADY JUSTICE & THE EPIC BURDEN with 7 VICES/VIRTUES & ROSE MAN and award-winning film maker MOIRA SIMPSON.

But with nuestra senora del pan weighing in on the communal kitchen counter top, there was bound to be a meltdown.

Deconstruction arrived as a post-traumatic-stress episode in the form of The Multi-Personnae Dis-Order of Madame Dragu.

Inevitable CHAOS ensued. It was a collaboration with Sinead O’Donnell, Grace Salez and Judith Price for LIVE! Biennale in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side in the courtyard of the Firehall Theatre.

photos: Hua (Phoebe) Jin

VERB WOMAN: mending aktion @ Jane’s Boing-Boing Class

July 3, 2010

… to dance while sitting in a chair quietly mending

… listening, breathing,      embody-ing

… sensing, feeling, thinking, releasing

… healing, lubricating, ease-ing, allowing

… emptying, filling, sighing, laughing

… dancing, rebounding, extending, hollowing

… centre-ing, grounding, boing-ing boing-ing boing-ing

Thanks to JANE ELLISON, THE BOINGERS, & WESTERN FRONT ! xoxoxo Love, Verb Woman xoxox