Verb-Frau Joins CHAOS for LIVE! Biennale in DTES (Vancouver)

VERB WOMAN‘s successful Big European Tour spurred LADY JUSTICE to solve her pre-production challenges for shooting of the film LADY JUSTICE & THE EPIC BURDEN with 7 VICES/VIRTUES & ROSE MAN and award-winning film maker MOIRA SIMPSON.

But with nuestra senora del pan weighing in on the communal kitchen counter top, there was bound to be a meltdown.

Deconstruction arrived as a post-traumatic-stress episode in the form of The Multi-Personnae Dis-Order of Madame Dragu.

Inevitable CHAOS ensued. It was a collaboration with Sinead O’Donnell, Grace Salez and Judith Price for LIVE! Biennale in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side in the courtyard of the Firehall Theatre.

photos: Hua (Phoebe) Jin


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