Une autre p’tit pause: process day 3 at VIVO

Day3: Verb was BIKING.  Shorter experiment as we had final summation at 6:00 pm.  Dropped camera as low as it could go to get more of the bike wheels in the shot. Biking camera left to camera right created a vaudeville feel (flat, illusion, music hall). An image escaping from a French film. Biking diagonally (slicing thru that beloved depth-of-field) was more exciting, dynamic and 3-dimensional but also a bit dangerous.  I had to almost crash into the walls to get me and the bike out of frame! Amusing for assembled audience to have real life bicyclist whiz past their shoulders while watching video image of same bicyclist appear to bike through video closeup of female torso holding gerunds in many languages.

FINAL SUMMATION — VERB WOMAN:  a dance of forgetting



“… an interesting way of investigating the mystery of who am I,  who are you, and why do we    persist in thinking we are Someone? The work was beautiful structurally and visually.  So clean and empty that all those gestures and states could  arise in that neutral space. And Margaret and Paul were amazing, as two and as one. I loved the switching back and forth, so much the way we switch roles with our  mothers from being the one who is cared for to the one who gives care… mom-practice [and your years of doing the] … art-practice… It’s all just life practice isn’t it? LIVE and in colour even when it’s black and white there’s always that flesh tone.”

Check here soon for more thoughts/images of A DANCE OF FORGETTING 6:00 – 7:00 pm with Paul Couillard at VIVO October 23d, 2009 for LIVE Biennale Vancouver, BC; Canada


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