P’tit Pause: process day 1 day 2 at VIVO

Day 1: Verb was MENDING. I wore white shirt for maximum video projection reflection. Flowing and lyrical movement progression. Me dancing; me dancing with me dancing; me dancing with 2 of me dancing; me dancing with 3 of me dancing, and so on. Reminiscent of Isadora Duncan/Victorian Muse Choruses. The image deteriorated from white/blue into yellow and the experiment was all about MOVEMENT but also about  FLATTENING. MENDING — more compatible with video.

Day 2: Verb was POINTING (homage to Alan Kaprow). I wore red shirt. Day 2 Pointing

More about stillness and sculpture; graphic use of the canvas.

Able to create more depth of field and with movement cross depth of field.

Red shirt made video sequences deteriorate into grey/black shadows in part of frame.

Somehow we could re-generate more light and colour in parts of foreground with new layers. Operatic.  (photo: Emilio Rojas)

Re-iterating camera right diagonals made image reminiscent of Mao’s Red Army Ballets with red flags and rifles. Experiment was all about SCALE PLAY and SCULPTURE. POINTING –more compatible with still photography.


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