I believe that mending is a form of healing. Repairing a hem can be the first step to mending a broken heart.

verb woman A

For the last 3 months, I have left “lost button boxes” at community centres and schools where I work. I already have many buttons (and button stories)!

My plan is to set up itinerant free mending stations in Sally Ann stores, cafes, community centres, galleries, offices, parks, and on-the-street in various cities.

verb woman CI shall sew up a sagging skirt hems, patch holes in torn sleeves, and search my button box for the perfect-sized button to fix a shirt. For each of my mending “aktions”, I shall sew a button on myself. verb woman B

My goal is to transform a full suit of clothes and hat into a modern version of a traditional London Pearlie (with references to button blankets by West Coast Aboriginal Artists and button costumes worn by “Wild Indian” Tribes of New Orleans’ during Mardi Gras; along with Scout Merit Badges and the aphorism advising against “wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve”).


Verb Woman

femme des verbes



2 Responses to “MENDING/réparar”

  1. dream listener Says:

    things fall apart

  2. Todd Says:


    the projek sounds great. I look forward to watching it over time. Also love the ides of collaboration. I think we MUST talk.



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