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June 20, 2014

VERB WOMAN/Verb Frau: TV Channel

April 14, 2013


November 4, 2012

Verb Woman/VERB-FRAU packed up her suitcase of gerunds and flew to Toronto for two – two – two festivals!!!

7a*11d  Oct 24 – 28 — Verb Woman  taught daily  yoga practice at 10:00 am; then performed daily art-aktions with festival members & public at 11:00 am — VERB WOMAN: remembering to forget.

Verb Woman’s FRIDAY VERB was CHANGING (the world)

Verb Woman’s SUNDAY VERBS were mapping — sharing — giving

SUNDAY 7a11d

Oct 30 – Nov 2 VERB WOMAN participated in FOOD = NEED Festival. She visited UTSC Theatre Dept; baked bread, collected bread stories, lead a workshop in Working the Cloth with Spanish Seniors, attended performances and particpated in Circle Talks at Davenport Perth Community and Health Centre with WIA Projects, artists and community members;


One Mending-Aktion at a Time

May 3, 2012

This HEMMING of these blue pants is for VELVET

my friend’s mom who has Alzheimer’s … and here are 2 new buttons on my black apron to remember the mendings for VELVET

VERB WOMAN: a discreet dictionary vol. 1

February 19, 2012

VERB WOMAN is scheduled for a Monday pick up of 200 copies of her new DICTIONARY of eighteen (18) gerunds along with a Bonus Feature Vid-Conversation with JEREMY TODD about Projection and Performance. 

VERB WOMAN & Jeremy last seen at NOT SENT LETTERS cabaret evening with Graham Meisner @ 119 Main Street, Vancouver, January 21, 2012. Digital video recording by Matilda Aslizadeh.

Verb-Frau Joins CHAOS for LIVE! Biennale in DTES (Vancouver)

October 5, 2011

VERB WOMAN‘s successful Big European Tour spurred LADY JUSTICE to solve her pre-production challenges for shooting of the film LADY JUSTICE & THE EPIC BURDEN with 7 VICES/VIRTUES & ROSE MAN and award-winning film maker MOIRA SIMPSON.

But with nuestra senora del pan weighing in on the communal kitchen counter top, there was bound to be a meltdown.

Deconstruction arrived as a post-traumatic-stress episode in the form of The Multi-Personnae Dis-Order of Madame Dragu.

Inevitable CHAOS ensued. It was a collaboration with Sinead O’Donnell, Grace Salez and Judith Price for LIVE! Biennale in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side in the courtyard of the Firehall Theatre.

photos: Hua (Phoebe) Jin


May 13, 2011

VERB WOMAN signs on as ananuensis to international performance artist Sinead O’Donnell for Sinead’s London meetings and performance for Labyrinth of Living Exhibits (a live event presenting 4 artists who self identify as disabled at the Museum of Physicians and Surgeons). (photo: Sinead works on Kurdish-English translation subitles with Roskar)

Wed May 11th

process and exploring — like opening veins but they bleed into one another — Meeting with Manich at Toynbee Arts in the art cafe. The English subtitles for Posha’s movie about young women in prison for refusing arranged marriages; in Kurdish; Sinead doing translation with Roskar (Arab-London artist). Collaborating with Shiro on domestic/borders/gender.

Potatoes and pennies — currency (money) currency (electricity). Famous Irish Giant’s Skeleton is trapped in the Museum of Physicians and Surgeons despite his request that his body not go to science. How did he end up in this Victorian Collection?

3 Days of Toynbee studio time would be useful later on rather than now — better after more research and more collaborative works have gone to another level and after travels.

Irish Art Magazine would like a 3000 word essay about the bursury and Sinead’s projects. Can this opportunity be used for report as well? Membership issues — 100 pounds a year to be active member in various organizations.

We take transission of energy for granted — plug it in plug it in; potatoe batteries with old english, south african andirish pennies — a child’s experiment — reconnects us; along with sign language and madness and experiencing language in whole new ways — with Aaron’s humour for example; or the song WHOSE AFRAID OF THE BIG BAD WOLF as a music box chime amplified in a glass jar.

Being dyslexic means a floor plan isn’t useful. Sinead can measure a room with her feet and have the information in her body and remember instead. A map is no good; practising a path and creating sign posts and land marks is better; getting on the No.135 Bus wrong way instead of No.35 Bus right way. Transposing. Dissassociating. Inverse the reverse.

Watched a lot of Posha’s movie. Awesome. How to facilitate distribution and visa.

Over to Raskar’s in Bethnel Green

Trying to finish English subtitles — strategy of how to get a computer and video camera to Posha so she doesn’t have to rely on paying a film cres — she can do it all herself. Sinead doesn’t want to arrive with so much money through all the borders even though buying in Beirut would be easier rather buy and carry equipment as her own. Exploring change of keyboard for Kurdish language — software options and stickers for keys options. 

Jasmine Tea and good music.

Thursday May 12

Performances and Discussion at Museum of Physicians and Surgeons — to think of disability NOT as lacking something.

Exploring the notion of de-pathologizing and de-medicalizing it; this idea in this labyrinth of Victoriannac specimens. Aaron talks of getting rid of his hearing aids and embracing deafness of having no interest in operations/cures. Sinead interestedi in how we use our bodies and waht a body is — money/poverty/wealth/class — paintings with menstrual blood (I have a painting in my panites!) — every day she goesdeeper into body and ito the past — deeper into process as an experiment. A true experiment where the risk is failure. The experience and acknowledgement of failure.

Making the invisible — visible.

Who is afraid of the big bad wolf?

Verb Woman Joins European Tour May 2011

April 24, 2011

Madame Dragu today announced to press and academics attending

The MIT/SFU Conference on Multi-Personae and Multi-Personality Disorders 

that she shall bring “at least three of my famous ALTERS with me on our upcoming European Tour  May 2011″.

Multi-Personae Disorder of Madame DraguJoining Madame Dragu will certainly be Lady Justice, Nuestra Senora del Pan and VERB WOMAN who has performances scheduled in Berlin and Belfast.

“But who knows who else might show up?” kibbutzed Mme. Dragu to the assembled academics — alluding to the controversial aspects of the MPD conditions so hotly contested in the medical community.

VERB WOMAN in Hamilton

October 16, 2010

Verb Woman is coming to a public locale near you.

VERB WOMAN: mending aktion @ Jane’s Boing-Boing Class

July 3, 2010

… to dance while sitting in a chair quietly mending

… listening, breathing,      embody-ing

… sensing, feeling, thinking, releasing

… healing, lubricating, ease-ing, allowing

… emptying, filling, sighing, laughing

… dancing, rebounding, extending, hollowing

… centre-ing, grounding, boing-ing boing-ing boing-ing

Thanks to JANE ELLISON, THE BOINGERS, & WESTERN FRONT ! xoxoxo Love, Verb Woman xoxox